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Party on Wheels

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Patrick and Jessica Campbell’s 1959 Fireball isn’t the drinking kind. It’s their dream-becomes-reality “Whiskeya- go-go” vintage trailer mobile bar that hops around to weddings to deliver guests drinks, or even sometimes tea.

The rentable 18-foot party rig serves bridal parties in more ways than one. “It’s not just a bar. It kind of turns into a hang-out for the bride to get away from the crowd for a minute, in a nice, relaxing, cutesy, blingy atmosphere,” says Jessica.

The Campbells founded Vintagique (vintage-antique) last year after renovating a trailer Patrick discovered in the side yard of a day-job swimming pool customer in Shingle Springs. “We dragged it home—it was pretty dilapidated—and we took a year to restore it,” says Jessica. “Now we have the vintage trailer bug. Every time we see one, we get new ideas!”

They drive Whiskey-a-go-go to the event location, set it up and pick it up later, or stick around to serve and host. Some renters prefer to have bar service from the side window, while others utilize the comfortable interior, which includes benches, a flat screen TV, MP3 player and a fireplace.

Decorated in a neutral, vintage style, the trailer quickly changes into bridal-party showpiece when the wedding colors are added via decorations. The 10-seat interior also reflects an all-mirror main cabinet, perfect for bridal party touch-ups.

Whiskey-a-go-go is rentable most anywhere in Northern California. The starting price is $450 for up to four hours. Renters use and supply it as needed, or hire Vintagique to stock it with cups, napkins, water, soda, garnishes and, of course, ice. Alcohol is purchased by the renter.

By Liz Salamy Abess

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