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Paper Pretties

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When you think of a wedding, you see the lasting memories. But what about memorabilia from the day? When the night comes to a close, the cake is gone, the gown won’t be worn again, and your fresh flowers can be dried and hung up on a wall.

But another trend has entered the wedding market—paper flowers. Yes, they will last longer than real flowers but brides choose them for reasons beyond just their longevity. Some brides may experience annoying allergies sparked by certain flowers. Or they may be planning a destination wedding, which makes saving flowers difficult.

Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas from local florist Flourish says, “(Paper flowers) hold sentimental meaning when brides request them. I had a bride who was an avid reader. She made paper flowers out of book pages and had me mix those into her bridal bouquet of fresh flowers.”

Paper flowers offer brides a creative, colorful and affordable option for their arrangements—whether it be bouquets, centerpieces, arches, backdrops or even boutonnieres. Paper provides one solution to relieving some wedding-day stress because they can be prepared well in advance and neatly dodge any seasonality issues.

By Alejandra Garcia

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