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The Almighty Mason Jar

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“I’m going to officially say it this year: Mason jars are out!” says Mark Fahey, general manager and head designer at Becky’s Flowers.

There’s no denying Mason jars have been the wedding rage for several years, hitting their zenith in 2013–14. And they are still pushed on Pinterest as perhaps the most versatile item a bride can purchase. Search “mason+jars+wedding,” and you’ll see hundreds of pins using them as:
flower vases lining the aisle
candleholders at the ceremony or reception
centerpieces on the table
drinking glasses for guests
gifts (filled with jam, for instance)

So is it truly over?

Most designers wish for it, bursting out with a fervent “I hope so!” when asked. And almost everyone is seeing a shift from shabby chic to glamour chic—so there is more leaded crystal and mercury glass, fewer canning materials and burlap. “Even mixed and matched vintage vases are very popular,” says Fahey.

On the other hand, there is no denying the Mason jar’s appeal. “You can do anything to them—spray paint them, wrap them in cellophane—to get any look,” says Andrew Lawrence, floral designer and wedding consultant for Relles Florist. “And they cost $1 a piece—as opposed to $14 or $15 a piece. You probably have a cupboard full of them—and so do your mother and your aunt.” But it also depends on the venue. “If you’re getting married at the Masonic Temple or Elks Tower, you won’t use Mason jars,” he says. “But if you’re getting married at the Flower Farm or in a barn out in Loomis, having a rustic outdoor wedding, Mason jars work.”

Mason Jars

The Almighty Mason Jar

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